Extra Product Options for WooCommerce 3.2.0 Nulled

Extra Product Options for WooCommerce Features

  • 21 field types
    Choose from a variety of fields types to display extra product options
  • Create Additional section
    Group similar fields of products together separately
  • Conditional display of fields & sections
    Set conditional logic to display extra product option
  • Advanced price alteration method
    Assign additional price with extra fields for the products
  • Custom validations for Complex fields
    Use validator for complex fields setting up regular expressions
  • Date & time Picker
    Plan better with an integrated calendar with time & date
  • Fixed Pricing
    A fixed amount will be added to the total price
  • Custom Pricing
    A value entered by the user will be added to the total price. Use Case example: This option helps to receive donations.
  • Percentage of Product Pricing
    Similar to fixed price; but a percentage of product price is added to the total price, instead of a fixed value.
  • Dynamic Pricing
    You can assign price per each unit excluding the base price, which will be added to the total price.
  • Dynamic (Exclude base price)
    Same as Dynamic pricing, but instead of adding the value it replaces the product price.
  • Character count
    Price can be altered based on the number of characters the customer adds.
  • Custom formula
    An additional price can be calculated and added based on the custom formula you set.