Gravity Forms Signature Add-Ons 4.3

Gravity Forms Signature Addon Features

  • Drag-and-Drop Builder
    Quickly design and build your WordPress forms using our intuitive drag-and-drop builder tools.
  • Accessible and Compliant
    All systems are go. With Gravity Forms, you’ll have everything you need to build WCAG 2.0 AA compliant forms, so you won’t leave anyone behind.
  • Form Import
    Create new forms in a flash or back up your files using our simple import and export functions.
  • Multi-Column Layouts
    Choose the number of columns you need, customize the width, and drag fields within the builder to add a new column.
  • Save & Continue
    Boost retention and form completion by giving users the ability to save their form entries and continue at any point.
  • Paginated Forms
    Make longer forms more approachable by breaking them into multiple pages with less scrolling and more submitting.
  • Responsive Forms
    There’s always a bigger fish. And a smaller one. And an Android one. Fully responsive forms adapt to any device or resolution.
  • Conditional Logic
    Over-engineered forms are a thing of the past. WIth conditional logic, you can display or hide fields, sections, pages and more, all based on user selections.
  • Language Support
    Have control over foreign languages for your forms. Gravity Forms will inherit the language setting in your general WordPress settings.
  • Custom Form CSS
    Stellar site design often needs a little something extra. Easily apply custom CSS to your forms for a seamless experience.
  • 30+ Form Fields
    Gravity Forms is truly mission control for your WordPress forms. With an ever-growing list of fields, custom forms are a breeze.
  • Merge Tags
    Dynamically populate submitted field values and other dynamic information in notification emails, post content templates, registered users’ profile data, and more.